Back of the House Apparel

Working in the kitchen is hard, hard work. Give your employees and your business a break with the restaurant apparel rental service that works harder! Get your restaurant uniform rental service from Dallas’s most trusted: Metro Linen Service.

Metro Linen is your Dallas source for the widest selection of back of the house apparel. No matter how big or small your restaurant is, there is something here for you. And you can trust that they tick all the boxes that matter:

back of the house apparel

Durable for Heavy Use and Thorough Washing

Metro Linen’s selection of kitchen apparel looks as good as they are. They are made to withstand the challenges of the commercial kitchen. They feature excellent stain-wicking technology, better construction, and hardy fabrics. Additionally, they can withstand heat, intense washing cycles, and will retain their condition longer than the average kitchen uniforms.  

Designed With Employees In Mind

Our selection of kitchen apparel is made for the busy restaurant worker. The fabrics are breathable and comfortable, ideal for ease of movement and comfort through long shifts.

Maintained by Metro Linen Experts

Metro Linen gives you the best quality assurance for your kitchen apparel. We use top-notch technology and high-quality methods for your uniform maintenance. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it meets the cleanliness and safety requirements of your industry. 

Dependable Restaurant Uniform Service

We have got you covered! Metro Linen protects your business’s efficiency and safety with our dependable uniform rental service. We make sure everything you want and need for your uniforms are satisfied. No shortage, no delays, and no substandard jobs.

With top-notch laundry service and on-time deliveries, plus truly reliable representatives, you can put your energy where it matters.

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With Metro Linen, it’s satisfaction and excellence from here on out. Get started on your service today! Call us at (972) 569-8353 for more information about our back of the house apparel service.