Apron Rental Service

Every restaurant, café, or shop can benefit from professional aprons.
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From professional appearance to employee protection, the benefits are outstanding, and even more so with apron rental service! 

Metro Linen Provides the Best Aprons in the Industry

We’ve provided food and beverage businesses their linen and uniforms for a long time, and we know what’s required of them. Here are just some of the stand-out qualities of Metro’s aprons: 


We understand how important aprons are in kitchen areas where they protect employees from harmful elements of the business. Keep staff protected from the elements of the workplace while ensuring cleanliness.

Comfort In Any Enviroment

We build our products with users in mind. Our aprons maximize comfort in their wearers, which is absolutely essential to a productive workplace. Workers who are comfortable with what they’re wearing are happier and more focused on the task at hand. This helps them to become considerably more productive.

Experienced Maintenance

Metro Linen uses a commercial laundry facility with advanced machinery and highly capable specialists. Our tracking technology ensures that every item we receive maintains our high standards of cleanliness and functionality. Every item is thoroughly inspected for stains or other substances that are completely removed before leaving our facilities. We make repairs and even whole replacements without any additional cost should an apron need it.

Metro Linen is the Apron Rental Program Your Business Needs!

Aprons from Metro Linen are durable, comfortable, and professionally maintained. We have everything a successful aprons rental program needs to give clients what they want. Learn more about our aprons rental program by calling us at (972) 569-8353 or by contacting us here.