Soaps and Dispensers

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Provide customers and employees a comfortable, clean, great-smelling hand-washing experience with soaps and dispensers provided by Metro Linen. Our easy-to-use dispensers are regularly maintained and kept full and operational for optimized, no-hassle restroom hygiene practices.  

Metro Linen Has the Best Soaps and Dispensers for Your Business

Metro Linen Service’s facility supply service offers you the most convenient solutions to meet your business’s day-to-day hygiene needs. We offer:

High-Quality Soaps and Dispensers for Commercial Restrooms

Metro Linen Service offers high-quality soaps that suit your facility’s hand hygiene needs. Their superior formula ensures clean hands without drying or irritating the skin. Our soap supply comes with high-quality industrial dispensers, provided, mounted, and maintained by Metro’s expert personnel.

Competitive and Flexible Prices to Suit Any Budget

Metro Linen Service offers some of the most affordable facility service supplies in Texas. Coupled with our flexible supply programs, you can trust that our soaps and dispensers will always suit your needs, no matter your budgetary requirements.

Delivery Service That Ensures Product Availability

Metro Linen Service helps you make sure that your restrooms are consistently fully-stocked, without any added burden on your workforce. Our dedicated route service reps keep an eye on your usage trends and offer timely supply replenishment. This is how we make sure that your dispensers are never empty, and your business is never associated with poor restroom maintenance.

Boosting Hand Hygiene in Your Business

Clean hands don’t just save lives, they can boost your business operations, too! With better hand hygiene, you can ensure the hygiene and safety of employees and customers alike. And Metro Linen’s soap supply service helps you boost hand hygiene in your facility!

We combine the most excellent customer service in Texas with exceptional quality product selections to help you meet your facility’s needs and ensure the overall hygiene of your facility.

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