Wet Mops

Reliable Wet Mops Supply for Hospitality Businesses
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Wet mops secured through a professional facility service like Metro Linen are powerful tools in hotel or restaurant cleaning efforts. Between their ease of use, effectiveness, and consistent cleanliness, there’s no supplement for mop service through Metro Linen. Here’s why mops through our facility service program are ideal:

Why Get Wet Mops Through Metro Linen’s Facility Service

Of all the things to secure through a rental service, why wet mops? How is that better or more cost-effective than buying them yourself in bulk? Here are a few reasons:

Reliable Cleanliness Every Use

Bought mops get old and ineffective if not replaced. They can also spread bacteria around the business instead of picking it up. Mops from Metro Linen’s facility service, on the other hand, are always new and effective. They’re also commercial-grade, so they can handle more wear and tear.

Ease and Comfortable Use

Wet mops are already easy to use, but Wet Mops from Metro Linen’s facility service are even easier. They’re comfortable to grip and light enough that anyone can mop up without issue.

Backed by a Reliable Service Provider

You’re not just getting wet mops regularly when you opt for service from Metro Linen. You’re also getting the backing of a reliable and professional service provider. That means you can always count on us to be there when you need.

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Metro Linen Service’s facility service program provides professional-grade wet mop heads that ensure efficient cleaning efforts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your hospitality business clean with professional mop service.

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