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Metro Linen is renowned for providing high-quality barrier pads, an indispensable tool in the healthcare industry. Our barrier pads meet the stringent standards of healthcare facilities, ensuring superior protection, durability, and hygiene.

High Quality

Our pads are built with a blend of robust, absorbent materials that offer exceptional performance. They serve as a protective layer, safeguarding surfaces from spills, stains, and potential damage. In a healthcare environment where maintaining cleanliness is crucial, barrier pads provide a reliable solution, enhancing the care patients receive and improving recovery.

Unwavering Comfort

Beyond surface protection, our barrier pads bring comfort and convenience to the healthcare industry. They are soft to the touch, ensuring a comfortable experience for patients, while their durability withstands the rigors of frequent use and laundering. Their easy maintenance makes them a practical choice for healthcare workers, reducing time spent on cleanup and maintenance and allowing them to focus on those who matter most.

Hygienic Standard

Hygiene is crucial in healthcare, and our barrier pads contribute significantly to maintaining a sanitary environment. They help control the spread of bacteria and other potential contaminants, thereby supporting infection control measures in healthcare facilities.


Metro Linen barrier pads sport absorbent features unrivaled by our competition. Capable of handling minor spills to larger messes, they ensure rapid absorption and quick drying times, enhancing their usability and efficiency.

Our Commitment

Metro Linen’s commitment to quality is clear in the design and performance of every product across our entire catalog. We understand the unique needs of the healthcare industry. That’s why we deliver products that fulfill these requirements and exceed expectations.

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