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Pediatric hospitals do what they can to make their patients’ stay as comfortable as possible. One of the ways they accomplish this is with pediatric sheets specially designed for child comfort. And there’s one supplier Texas and Oklahoma practices trust more than anyone else to provide them:

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Since 1947, Metro Linen has retained our role as the most reliable provider of healthcare linen in Texas and Oklahoma. Our pediatric sheets work well for our clients because they are always:


Every fabric of our pediatric sheets is woven with the user in mind. Pediatric patients are going through stresses, exhaustion, and plenty of other troubles no child should ever have to deal with. That’s why we do what we can with soft, comfortable bed sheets that help ease their burden with a good night’s sleep.


Thousands of children need bedsheets during their pediatric care every single year. With this much use from different children, it’s important to maintain proper laundry procedures with every sheet. Metro Linen offers healthcare laundry service that keeps every bedsheet in acceptable condition for continued use.

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On top of cleaning every bedsheet we provide, we also handle inventory management for our clients. Pediatric hospitals have enough on their plates without having to worry about whether they have the linens they need. That’s why our advanced tracking systems and team of experts work together to ensure everything is in the right place and condition.

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Metro Linen is Texas and Oklahoma’s leading provider of pediatric sheets. Our trusted reputation and over 75 years of industry experience are the assurance you need that we provide results. Sign up today and call us at 1-972-569-8353 to speak with a customer service representative. Additionally, you may also fill out this form for a free quote.