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Soft, Absorbent Medical Apparel That Withstands Repeated Use
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Metro Linen understands that creating a comprehensively exceptional patient experience involves factors beyond accurate diagnoses and treatments. Each step in the chain of care deserves industry-leading quality and resources that ease the burdens of your staff to provide quality care that accelerates patient recovery. Metro Linen specialty gowns are yet another example of the world-class products we infuse in a dynamic catalog to elevate the standard of what you should expect in a first-class service. Metro Linen ensures that patients experience the utmost comfort, dignity, and protection during their stay in the hospital.

Unwavering Quality and Comfort

Extend the warm embrace patients crave in an uncertain time. The specialty hospital gowns from Metro Linen are designed with the patient’s comfort in mind. Crafted from absorbent, durable materials, these gowns are gentle on the skin and allow for unrestricted movement. With an emphasis on breathability and softness, Metro Linen’s hospital gowns are perfect for patients with sensitive skin or allergies.

Innovative Design

Understanding the unique requirements of patients, Metro Linen develops a range of innovative designs that cater to various needs. Our specialty gowns come with convenient features for easy accessibility during medical examinations or treatments.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional

Gone are the days of drab and unflattering hospital gowns. Metro Linen believes that patients deserve to feel confident and dignified during their hospital stay. Our gowns come in different colors, patterns, and styles to suit your facility’s unique requests. By offering fashionable options, Metro Linen uplifts the spirits of patients and contributes to a more positive healing environment.

Hygienic and Easy to Maintain

In a hospital setting, maintaining a strict hygienic standard takes on even greater importance. Metro Linen’s specialty hospital gowns can be easily laundered and sanitized to uphold infection control standards that reflect the latest knowledge. The high-quality materials used in our specialty gowns ensure that they retain their softness, durability, and structural integrity through repeated washes.

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Metro Linen’s specialty hospital gowns are a testament to our commitment to offering unparalleled quality and comfort to our patients. With an extensive range of stylish, functional, and comfortable gowns, Metro Linen has set a new standard in the healthcare industry. Choose Metro Linen for your hospital gown needs and experience the difference in comfort, design, and elegance. Contact us at (972) 569-8353, or email us to learn more about our products and services.