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Clean restrooms do wonders for repeat business and employee morale. One of the most commonly-used tools for maintaining cleanliness in the restroom is bath/toilet tissue. Oftentimes, not much thought goes into acquiring it beyond going to a local store or ordering it online. However, businesses that want a consistent supply of high-quality bath/toilet tissue staff and customers enjoy using can do a lot better than store-bought goods.

Maintain Cleanliness with Metro Linen’s Sturdy Bath/Toilet Tissue!

Metro Linen leads the charge as the best bath/toilet tissue supplier in Texas and Oklahoma. For 75 years, we have continued to ensure our customers are equipped with the right tools for optimal bathroom cleanliness. Here’s why you should go with our products:

Reliable Durability

Store-bought toilet tissue doesn’t get the job done efficiently. It falls apart easily and requires more rolls on average than our high-quality products. Our bath/toilet tissue is sturdy and absorbent, serving as reliable cleaning products.

Comfortable Material

Metro Linen supplies bath tissue that uses soft, comfortable material in its design. This ensures that users not only clean more effectively than store-bought goods thanks to our bath tissue’s durable design. They also feel more comfortable throughout the process!

Inventory Management on Us

Thanks to Metro Linen, no one on your staff has to worry about making sure the bathroom is stocked with toilet paper. Upon every delivery of fresh bath tissue, our route service representatives will monitor your stock. This way we can more accurately maintain your inventory and prevent incidents of missing bath tissue.

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Find the bath/toilet tissue your business needs to maintain a clean bathroom from Metro Linen! We are Texas and Oklahoma’s leading provider of restroom products and will ensure your business always has what it needs in stock. Call us today at 1-972-569-8353 for a free consultation on our service. Interested in our other products and services? Visit our website here for more information.