Chef Hats, Caps, Beanies, Head Wraps, and Neckerchiefs

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Keeping up appearances in a commercial kitchen is harder and more crucial than ever. Make sure you have the right restaurant apparel only from Metro Linen Service!

Metro Linen has the restaurant apparel service you’ve always wanted and more. With the best chef hats, caps, beanies, head wraps, and neckerchiefs to choose from and a maintenance service you can fully trust, you’ll never have to look elsewhere. 

Chef Headwear We Offer

A chef without professional-looking or always-clean chef headwear, is a chef that could be more comfortable. Provide them the best of everything with Metro Linen’s professional chef headwear.

We offer:

Chef Hats and Caps

There’s no substitute for a clean chef hat or chef cap. Keep your chef comfortable with always-clean, comfortable, and ready with us. 

Chef Beanies

For a low-profile, highly professional look that makes employees comfortable and focused, consider trying our chef beanies. 

Head Wraps

A stylish look that keeps heads cool in the kitchen is what you’ll get with our head wraps. We’ll keep them clean and professional-looking. 


Professionally sourced and cleaned neckerchiefs are nothing to sneeze at. Provide these fashionable garments and watch morale get a bump. 

A Wide Selection for Your Kitchen Pros 

Metro Linen ensures the durability, functionality, and wearability of your kitchen pros’ essential accessories. We use the highest standards in picking the items we offer in our rental service, so only the best and hardiest ones end up in your closets.

Top-Notch Maintenance and Cleanliness 

Metro Linen is your partner in achieving consistently clean results for the upkeep of your kitchen apparel. We have a high-tech facility and team of experts to tackle your facility’s biggest garment challenges and more.

Secure and Reliable Delivery Service

Metro Linen makes sure shortages and delivery delays are a thing of the past. Our entire process is designed to optimize efficiency, maximize convenience, and minimize hassle. With Metro Linen, you can rest assured that your chef hats, caps, beanies, head wraps, and neckerchiefs arrive at your facility exactly as scheduled.

Quality Without a Doubt

No one has the time for second-guessing – especially not a full-service restaurant as busy as yours. That’s why Metro Linen makes sure that every item we deliver is clean, safe, and in tiptop, ready-to-use condition.

We uphold the strictest quality control measures at every stage of our garment care process to ensure the consistency and reliability of your supplies. Nothing to doubt. Nothing to worry about. There’s nothing but quality, through and through.

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