Entry Mats and Logo Mats (F+B)

First impressions are made in seconds – ensure good ones at every customer visit with Metro! Put your best foot forward when customers step into your business with high-quality entry mats and logo mats from Metro Linen!

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Entry Mats and Logo Mats for Your Food Service Business

Metro Linen is your food service business’s partner in owning your entry space. We have designed our selection of entry and logo mats to delight every diner and lead them to look forward to your dining rooms. We provide:

Excellent Mat Quality

Whether you’re running a casual eatery or a five-star fine dining restaurant, our entry mats and logo mats meet every quality expectations. They have just the right amount of grit, class, and durability to create the perfect first impression and withstand your restaurant’s day-to-day foot traffic.

Top-Notch Design

Bring out the best in your brand with superior-quality designs that are guaranteed to stand out. We use top-notch mat printing technology to make sure your restaurant always offers the perfect entrance!

Metro’s Superior Mat Maintenance

Metro Linen rounds up the excellence with our professional mat maintenance service. We use advanced mat laundry technology and established expertise in mat care to give your mats superior cleanliness and preservation of their most important features.

The Mat Service to Match Your Needs

Keeping up with your floor care is always easier and more convenient when you have the right mat service to meet your needs. And the right mat service is right here, with Metro Linen.

Metro Linen gives you all the support you need to keep up with your mat supply needs. From ensuring that your floor mats’ designs are always at their best, to making sure that your pickups and deliveries are always accurate and on time, Metro Linen leaves you with nothing to worry about.

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