Having repeat customers is vital to a business’s long-term health. Repeat customers can be even more important than attracting new customers. To encourage repeat business, cultivating a positive customer experience is vital, especially in food and beverage. A surprising way to cultivate a positive customer experience is by providing cloth napkins. 

Why Customers Like Cloth Napkins Over Paper Alternatives

Cloth napkins may seem like a very minor detail, however, their impact is far-reaching. Cloth napkins improve customer experience because they:

Cloth Napkins Withstand Heavy Usage

Cloth napkins are far more durable than their paper counterparts. They’re designed with reusability in mind, which is why they can withstand much more punishment. All it takes with the right cloth napkins is routine laundry and maintenance and they retain their long useful lifespans.

Cloth Napkins Clean Thoroughly

Since cloth napkins last longer and are more absorbent than paper, they are also more reliable for cleaning. Paper napkins fall apart, add to the mess, and don’t clean as properly or efficiently. Meanwhile, cloth napkins don’t leave anything behind. Their regular laundry and maintenance also ensure they are clean whenever in use.

Cloth Napkins Are Comfortable To Use

Reusability means far more than efficient cleaning and durability. It means that cloth napkins are far more consistently in stock than paper napkins. They don’t run out nearly as fast since they hold up far longer and remain in stock during laundry and maintenance. Paper napkins, on the other hand, are worthless after each use and need constant replacement. With a well-maintained cloth napkin stock, guests always have what they need at the table and staff can always provide it.

Cloth Napkins Enhance The Customer’s Experience

Imagine you’re going to a high-end dinner. Will you be given a cloth or paper napkin? Unless the paper is part of a theme, it will be cloth every time. This is because cloth napkins impart an elegance to the customer’s dining experience that paper simply cannot. It’s a simple and highly-effective method restaurants use to demonstrate the customer’s experience is important to them.

Cloth Napkins Through Metro Linen Encourage Return Customers

Since 1982, Metro Linen has provided restaurants in Texas and Oklahoma with high-quality cloth napkins that last for long periods. Our cloth napkins rental service includes:

  • Laundry and Maintenance. Metro Linen maintains every cloth napkin ourselves in our commercial laundry facilities. Our advanced tracking systems, sophisticated laundry technology, and team of experts ensure every item is always as good as new!
  • Inventory Management. Metro Linen’s route service representatives maintain our clients’ stock upon every visit. On top of delivering freshly washed linens and taking more back for maintenance, they keep an eye out for missing or damaged items. This way, we can ensure our clients have what they need when they need it most.
  • 24/7 Support. Working with Metro Linen means always having support when you need it. Our team ensures more than just your cloth napkin quality and supply. We maintain a positive working relationship with our clients, offering competitive rates and access to our support team should any issues arise. We work closely with our clients to ensure their needs are always met!

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