There are many ways to improve restaurant reputation. However, one of the most important but underlooked strategies is using the right linens. Clean, quality linens are effective tools that are easy to acquire and have a large impact on customer perception. Here’s how:

The Main Ways That Clean, Quality Linens Improve Restaurant Reputation

With so many other strategies to improve restaurant reputation, why do linens stand out? Clean, quality linens are a safe bet for restaurant branding because they:

Prop Up a Clean, Quality Brand

There is a direct correlation between a restaurant’s linens and its reputation. Restaurants that use clean linens give off the impression that they pay particular attention to cleanliness. High-quality linens also represent the business itself as high-quality. Both of these are aspects that go hand in hand with positive restaurant branding

Increase Repeat Business

The better a restaurant’s reputation, the more likely customers are to keep coming back for more. This is because they know what to expect from this particular restaurant. When it comes to spending money, few people like to take risks. That’s why earning the trust of repeat customers is so important. Clean, quality linens ensure the customer experience is that much better and their perception remains positive.

Attract New Customers

Another benefit of increasing repeat business and improving branding is spreading positive word of mouth. This attracts the attention of new customers and ensures that the restaurant retains a wide appeal. Repeat customers are important, but it also benefits the restaurant to grow its pool of customers. New customers help spread word of mouth just as much as repeat ones and they also help improve the brand.

Metro Linen Offers Solutions to Improve Restaurant Reputation

Since 1947, Metro Linen has remained a leading provider of restaurant linen, uniforms, and facility services to businesses in Texas and Oklahoma. We offer:

Table Linen

Metro Linen has the tools restaurants need to make their tables stand out. Our tablecloths come in a variety of colors and patterns that add decor to each table. Our napkins are comfortable for continued use and durable enough to withstand the worst guests.

Towels and Grill Pads

Metro’s towels are absorbent and have long useful lifespans. We maintain them and each linen and uniform ourselves to ensure they continue to perform at their best. We also offer grill pads that maintain the floors underneath the grill and keep it steady.


Our aprons are comfortable for extended periods of time and ergonomic so they don’t impair staff movement.

Front- and Back-of-the-House Apparel

Our front-of-the-house apparel helps staff stand out to customers and look good doing it. We also supply back-of-the-house apparel that keeps staff clean while they work hard on the next meal.

Chef Apparel

Metro offers a wide variety of apparel designed specifically for chefs including shirts, aprons, hats, caps, beanies, headwraps, and neckerchiefs.

Floor Care Products

Our entry mats hold up against the heaviest traffic while our logo mats help spread our clients’ brands inside the facility. Additionally, our wet and dust mops are effective at cleaning areas of the floor that our mats miss.

Janitorial Supplies

Metro’s selection of janitorial supplies maintains cleanliness throughout our clients’ facilities. This includes microfiber towels, soap and dispensers, paper towels and dispensers, toilet paper, and air fresheners.

First Aid Kits

We help restaurants remain prepared for the worst possible situations with first aid supplies containing all the essentials and more!

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