Upholding environmentally friendly practices is a reflection of the green initiatives of the 21st century. We adopt a sustainable approach to service in our unique way with high-quality linens and streamlined facility processes. Whether you’re in hospitality, healthcare, special events, or beyond, with Metro Linen Service in your corner, we show you how to go green with your facility’s linens.

Switch to Eco-Friendly Linens

Eco-friendly linens are less harmful to the environment, both in their production and disposal. They use less water and energy during production, and fewer chemicals, which translates to less environmental pollution. At Metro Linen, we offer a range of eco-friendly linen options that enhance comfort and durability without compromising environmental responsibility.

Utilize a Sustainable Laundry Service

Traditional laundry processes are water and energy-intensive. Metro Linen shows how to go green with your facility’s linens by using cutting-edge technology to reduce water and energy usage, and we’re always working on ways to improve our efficiency. This means you can rely on us for your linen needs, knowing you’re minimizing your facility’s environmental impact.

Implement a Linen Reuse Program

Consider implementing a linen reuse program. This encourages guests in hotels or patients in healthcare facilities to reuse towels and sheets, reducing the frequency of washes, which conserves water and energy.

Recycle or Donate Old Linens

Instead of throwing away old linens, recycle or donate them. Old linens can be converted into rags, used in animal shelters, or donated to charities for use in homeless shelters. Consider establishing partnerships with various charities and recycling companies to facilitate the responsible disposal of old linens.

Invest in Quality Linens

High-quality linens have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for replacement and thus lessening the environmental impact. Metro Linen Service offers a range of high-quality, durable linens built to withstand numerous wash cycles while maintaining their quality and comfort.

Embrace New Technologies

Metro Linen Service is always looking to adopt new technologies that help reduce our environmental footprint. This includes machinery that uses less water, efficient dryers that consume less energy, and chemical-free detergents. As a client, your facility benefits from these advancements, enhancing your green credentials.

Metro Linen Shows You How to Go Green with Your Facility’s Linens

Adopting green practices with your facility’s linens is beneficial for both the planet and your brand. Consumers are looking for businesses that adapt and evolve alongside changing technology to prioritize sustainability, and going green is a key differentiator.

Metro Linen Service is your partner in this journey toward a more sustainable future. We offer a comprehensive range of services that reduce your environmental footprint, from eco-friendly linens to sustainable laundry services and more. Call us today at (972) 569-8353, or email us to learn more about how to go green with your facility’s linens!