Every manager wants to improve restaurant productivity. But with time already stretched so thin, how can it be done?

The food service industry is one of the most stressful out there. Stressful for management, employees, suppliers, and anybody else taking part. With small profit margins and grueling competition, there’s no shortage of worries. Efficiency and productivity, especially on the working floor, are essential to staying afloat.

Every little boost of productivity can make a big difference in your operations. Here are some tips on how to improve restaurant efficiency:

Improve Work Area Flow; Improve Restaurant Productivity

The right restaurant layout is essential to increasing efficiency in your operations. A good layout is one that lets everything flow – and it goes just as much for your dining areas as it does for the kitchen. It’s not simply about cramming the greatest number of equipment and diners in every square inch of space you have. It’s about making a space that puts everything in its rightful place while giving your workers ample room to move. You don’t want them wasting time and energy searching for things or getting things done too slowly due to lack of space.

Finding a system that works is hardly ever achieved in one go, however. You might need to test out some layouts before getting it just right. That’s why it’s important to get the input of your employees. They are the ones working on the floor, so they know better than anyone else what works effectively and what does not.

Limit Multitasking 

Multitasking has defined generations of workers across the globe. It has been touted for so long by the do-it-all-ers, praised as a virtue, and a key to productivity in the workplace. However, multitasking does NOT work. It is the opposite of efficiency. In fact, it actually makes people more prone to making mistakes. Multitaskers are also at a higher risk of accidents. Counter this with effective delegation. Employees should do specific tasks, one at a time, and do them properly, safely, and effectively. Productivity is not about accomplishing many things at once. It is about doing everything right, once, to proceed to the next task quickly and effectively.   

Schuduling Clarity and Variety 

Poor shifting and schedule rotations can significantly affect productivity. The restaurant industry is notorious for overworked employees, thus leading to high levels of turnover. A good shifting rotation is essential if you are looking for ways to improve your operations.

Create schedules that allow your employees to get enough rest between shifts. Rotate them every so often, in schedule and designations, to prevent burnout. Avoid understaffing and pay for any overtime accordingly. Keeping your employees happy does not only benefit them; it benefits your business too! Not only are happier employees more productive, but they are also more likely to stay with your company long term. This means you’ll have a team of experts instead of a steady rotation of trainees and newbies.

Outsource Effectively to Improve Restaurant Productivity

Outsourcing certain services (linens, uniforms, etc.) saves you from having to hire more people for laundering. Outsourcing linens and laundry services can also save you money on in-house laundry and storage. Commercial restaurant linen and uniform service are also your easiest solution to securing your linen inventory. They reduce the pressure on your end and minimize your risk of linen shortages and damages.

Aside from your linens and apparel, you can also outsource your restroom facility supplies and dust control needs. Outsourcing your paper towel supply, as well as the maintenance of your mats and mops, reduces the pressure on your own workforce.

With the right service provider, you can improve your productivity and secure higher-quality products for your restaurant.

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