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Dallas businesses find a dependable ally in Metro Linen, a leader in providing exceptional linen and uniform service in Dallas. Our wide range of services caters to the diverse needs of different industries. They are underpinned by our unwavering commitment to excellence and professional ethics. Let’s explore what Metro Linen has to offer.

Hospitality Linen

Metro Linen understands the crucial role first impressions play in the hospitality industry. We offer stylish, high-quality, and comfortable linens, including luxurious bed linens and plush towels, to ensure your guests enjoy a memorable stay marked by comfort and opulence.

Medical Linen

In the healthcare sector, where cleanliness and safety are paramount, our medical linen service becomes essential. We equip Dallas’s hospitals and healthcare facilities with sterile, durable, and comfortable linens that comply with stringent health regulations, catering to the demanding nature of medical care.

Medical Apparel

Metro Linen is at the forefront of providing medical apparel, with a selection of scrubs, lab coats, and other vital medical garments. These items offer comfort, functionality, and durability, addressing the needs of healthcare workers while prioritizing patient safety.

Restaurant Apparel

Serving Dallas’s bustling restaurant scene, we provide restaurant apparel services that feature stylish, comfortable, and resilient uniforms. Our range includes chefs’ jackets and waitstaff uniforms, aimed at enhancing your team’s professional look and comfort throughout their workday.

Special Event Linen

Metro Linen specializes in linens for special events in Dallas, offering sophisticated tablecloths, napkins, and other linen essentials. Whether for weddings, corporate events, or galas, our products bring an elegant flair to any gathering.

Facility Service

Beyond just linen and uniform service in Dallas, our facility services include products that help keep your premises clean, safe, and inviting. From essential bathroom supplies to cleaning products, Metro Linen ensures your facilities are well-stocked and impeccably clean.

Professional Dust Control Supply

We also offer a professional dust control service to Dallas businesses, providing mats, mops, and dust control solutions that effectively minimize dirt and debris. This service helps maintain a clean and professional atmosphere in your space.

Your Partner in Excellence

Metro Linen stands as the premier provider of linen and uniform service in Dallas, TX, known for our superior quality, dependability, and dedicated customer support. Reach out to us to elevate the standards of your business’s linen and uniform needs and to forge a partnership built on excellence.