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Metro Linen proudly offers the finest linen and uniform services in Plano, TX. We provide an extensive range of linen, uniform, and facility services that serve businesses in many industries. Our clients count on us to provide unwavering excellence and reliable service whenever they need it. Our linen and uniform service in Plano includes the following:

Hospitality Linen

The hospitality industry demands clean and sharp-looking linens to promote an atmosphere of elegance and impress guests. Our linen and uniform service in Plano includes a full range of hospitality linens, from cozy bed linens to plush towels and beyond. We guarantee your guests will feel swaddled in comfort from the moment they set foot in your door.

Medical Linen

Healthcare providers must ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation to provide quality patient care. As part of our linen and uniform service in Plano, we supply healthcare facilities with sterile, durable, and comfortable linens. Our medical linen services ensure full regulatory compliance and keep healthcare facilities safer for customers and employees alike.

Medical Apparel

Quality medical apparel keeps healthcare staff safe and empowers them to focus on providing excellent patient care. Our medical apparel items offer comfort, functionality, and durability for medical staff in all roles. Metro Linen works to meet the demands of healthcare professionals, allowing them to prioritize patient safety and quality care.

Restaurant Apparel

As part of our linen and uniform service in Plano, we offer restaurant apparel service that keeps employees looking sharp. We offer fresh, functional restaurant apparel that empowers your staff to focus on creating the ultimate dining experience. For everything from chef’s jackets to aprons, wait staff uniforms, and beyond, you can count on Metro Linen. 

Special Event Linen

In addition to our standard linen and uniform service in Plano, Metro Linen provides tablecloths, napkins, and other event linens. Let us help you throw memorable weddings, corporate functions, and galas with our personalized special event linen service. We will work with you to help you put on the event of a lifetime. 

Facility Service

Keep your facilities pristine with Metro Linen’s wide-ranging facility service offerings. A welcoming physical atmosphere keeps your customers impressed and makes them want to return to your business. From restroom cleaning products to floor care supplies and beyond, Metro Linen will ensure supreme cleanliness for your business. 

Professional Dust Control Supply

Metro Linen offers a wide range of mats, mops, and other dust control products which help businesses trap dirt and contaminants. This ensures a clean and professional atmosphere that keeps customers coming back. Quality floor care and dust control also reduces the risk of slip-and-fall accidents, promoting safety for everyone in your facilities. 

Premier Linen and Uniform Service in Plano

Metro Linen offers the finest linen and uniform service in Plano, TX. We provide quality products, timely service, and personalized customer care, all at competitive rates. Ready to learn more? Contact us today to get started!