2022 is just around the corner, and prepping your restaurant for its challenges is essential! With the right linen, uniform, and facility service, you can stand up to whatever the new year brings your way!

Metro Linen is Here to Prep Your Restaurant for 2022

With over 60 years of experience serving restaurants throughout Texas and Oklahoma, we are your best bet for linen, uniform, and facility service! Here’s what we can do to help prep your restaurant for 2022:

Touch Up Your Dining Area

Few things will attract customers more than shorter waiting times and cleanliness. Metro Linen provides table linens that keep your tables alive longer. They serve as your best line of defense against even the messiest customers. They’re also perfect for containing messes and quickly removing them so that tables are ready for the next guests much faster. We also offer durable, absorbent napkins that will keep your guests clean and maximize comfort. 

Both our table linens and napkins come in a variety of styles to fit your restaurant’s unique aesthetic. We also wash both thoroughly in our commercial laundry facilities to ensure they are always clean, in good condition, and in stock at all times.

Speed Things Up in the Kitchen

The dining area isn’t the only part of your operations that our linens make more efficient! We give your staff what they need to perform at their best, especially in the busy and demanding kitchen. We provide towels that will withstand and absorb any mess. Our aprons are ergonomic and come with pockets to hold useful tools. We also offer a wide selection of restaurant apparel covering everything from the front to the back of the house including vests, chef hats, neckerchiefs, and more! 

Maintain Cleanliness in the Bathroom

Public restrooms have a bad reputation for a reason, but yours don’t need to contribute! Surprise your guests by providing them with a comfortable and sanitary experience in your restrooms with the right tools from Metro Linen! We offer deodorizers to control awful smells, sanitizers and soaps to prevent the spread of bacteria and contagions, and toilet cleaners to keep things running smoothly. 

Dust Off Your Facility

Dust is a common problem in many facilities but it’s easy to ignore just how bad it is for your business. It can degrade surfaces, look unprofessional, and, at worst, flare up allergies and other pre-existing conditions. That’s why you need facility products from Metro! Our mats are sturdy and keep dust from building on your floors, particularly by doorways. For what our mats can’t cover, we offer dust mops to take care of the rest! 

Contact Metro Linen Today!

No need to wonder how to prep your restaurant for 2022 when you have Metro Linen around! We take care of your linen, uniform, and facility service needs so you can focus on providing your guests with a top-notch experience. And you can start today! Call us at (972) 569-8353 or contact us here for more information on our products and services.