Texas restaurant linen and uniform service offers much to those who sign up for it. Here’s a quick rundown of what linen and uniform service can do for your texas restaurant.

Overall, uniform and linen services are pretty straightforward. They provide clean items and take care of the dirty ones. But the benefits go beyond ensuring better linen and uniform quality. Here are just some of them:

Texas Restaurant Linen and Uniform Service Improves Cleanliness

Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene are one of restaurant linen and uniform service’s best functions. In the foodservice business, few things are more important than reliable cleanliness.

But how does a professional service provider edge out your alternatives? Between laundromats, in-house laundry, and having your employees take care of their own uniforms, aren’t there cheaper options? 

Reduce Non-Essential Tasks

How much time does your business lose to washing, folding, and ironing your table linens? How much more do your employees lose taking care of their own linens? When you take care of your restaurant linens yourself, chances are, what you’re saving from the cost of hiring a professional is cancelled out by the hours you lose to these non-essential tasks.

A uniform and linen service provider will do all of the work for you so you never have to lose a precious minute of your business hours folding linens and ironing napkins.

Cheaper, (Maybe) But Not Reliable

Unlike a laundromat, in-house laundry, or employee self-care of uniforms, professional linen and uniform service eliminates all variables. Professional linen and garment care facilities have bigger, more advanced equipment.

These large-scale, industrial washers and dryers are more effective than domestic washing equipment. This, coupled with expert laundry methods designed to reduce contact with post-processed linens and garments, ensure reliable, clean results.

Cut Down Costs

How much money do you lose every year to permanently stained napkins and kitchen towels you can no longer use because they’re beyond worn and torn? Do you know how many times out of the year you have to replenish your bar towels sets because they just don’t hold out long enough?

These little things – a torn piece here, a stained item here – do add up. A good uniform and linen service provider for your Texas restaurant can help you with that! With repairs and replacements already part of the rental program, you prevent ever running short on your items, and taking the bulk of the cost of having to replace and repair them.

More than that, hiring a third-party professional restaurant linen service provider rids you of the cost of having to run an in-house laundry facility. 

Secure Your Supply With Professional Texas Restaurant Linen and Uniform Service

No table will be left bare or a napkin short with the right linen service partner for your restaurant. With safeguards against delays, losses, and shortages, you’ll never have to worry about your linens not arriving on time or being short on volume.

Get All the Benefits with Metro Linen

You need the right linen and uniform service provider to get the best results for your business. That’s where Metro Linen comes in!

With decades of experience and dedication to the industry, you can trust that we’ll meet your busy restaurant’s pressing demands. Interested in all these benefits? Talk to Metro Linen! Contact us today at (972) 569-8353 or send us your inquiries here.