Eating is a sensory experience that goes beyond our sense of taste and smell. We eat with all our senses. This explains why plating and presentation are major culinary school subjects. Our other senses influence and impact how we experience food. This has as much to do with the dining environment as the food itself. That’s also why linens play an important role in your restaurant setup.

Research suggests that tablecloths enhance the overall dining experience. In this study, dinner guests ate more and reported more sensual satisfaction when they ate on a table with a tablecloth than without.

Aside from that, linens also represent other things about your business. Their type, condition, and even their mere presence build assumptions. You don’t want diners assuming the worst about your business. That’s why you have to make the right restaurant linen choices.

On a functional level, linens do everything from protecting your furniture to reducing restaurant noise. They are also effective tools for restaurant branding. From making the right impression to quietly cementing your restaurant concept, here’s what your linens say about your restaurant:

Brand Aesthetics

How well you dress up your tables tells a tale of what you find beautiful. This matters just as much as the quality of your food. How seamless, eclectic, or fancy your table linens are paints a vivid picture of what your brand is all about.

Like the rest of your interiors, your linen choices should mirror how you want to present your business. They should mirror your overall restaurant concept to keep in line with your branding.

Restaurant Type and Atmosphere

Tablecloths are the easiest indicators of what type of restaurant you’re running. For instance, it takes elegant white tablecloths to tell your patrons that you have an upscale type of restaurant. Play with the prints and patterns a little, and you’re veering slightly away from formal and into a more playful, casual setup.

It helps set the tone and lead expectations. Your linen choice can easily do all the talking.

Attitude Towards Hygiene and Attention to Detail

Your choice of linens is not the only thing that says something about your restaurant. The condition they are in also speaks a lot about your brand. Any sign of wear and tear like stains reflects poorly on your brand. It shows neglect and poor hygiene.

Linens give diners a visual representation of what could be happening in areas of your restaurant that they can’t see. Your tables are mere extensions of your kitchen. There is no telling what kind of horrid visuals your dirty linens may suggest about how you prepare food!

Metro Linen: Giving You the Best Linen Advantage

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