It’s easy to just claim that Metro Linen Services is better than your regular linen service provider because we have big, modern facilities. Or that we have highly skilled professionals. Or that we have the lengthier experience than most of our competitors. But it is more than that.

There are many providers out there, and you might be wondering what makes us stand out. We have the level of dedication that sees through your company’s needs beyond the surface. We are the company that will take on your issues and attend to them like they were our own.

This manifests in a couple of ways:

Route Service Representatives

We treat each client individually, and we address each of their needs with unique solutions That is why we assign a dedicated Route Service Representative for each client. They are your go-to person, a concierge of sorts for your laundry and linen service needs. 

From assessing your needs and creating customized solutions for your business to getting all your emergency calls, the RSR is your person. We won’t leave you on hold for hours with the answering machine, or make you dial a hundred extensions just to have your needs addressed. For as long as you are with Metro Linen Services, you’ll have your dedicated RSR taking care of you.

On Demand, Online, On Time 

Metro Linen Services makes things easy and smooth sailing for everybody, and you’ll see this in the solutions that we have created. For instance, our on-demand online platform and delivery system has all the hallmarks of efficiency and convenience as all the data that you need is easily accessible on our website, through your own business account. 

There are no lengthy phone calls, requests, or waiting time. This means, you can go about the rest of your business without the added hassle. We also adapt our systems to work seamlessly with yours to ensure efficiency, as well as minimize delays and shortages.

Green Program

Metro Linen Services advocates for responsible and sustainable laundry, and we believe that the planet need not suffer for the sake of clean linens and uniforms. That is why we have invested greatly in our eco-friendly laundry system. 

Our efforts have paid off, immensely. Not only were  we the first laundry service facility in Texas to have earned the coveted Clean Green certification, but out sustainability efforts have made us champions in the use of sustainable lighting, waste-water treatment, spill prevention, recycling, eco-friendly detergent use, water recycling, efficient use of water heating, and green delivery policies among others. 

When you work with Metro Linen Services, you work with a clear conscience and the peace of mind from knowing that your linens and uniforms will not leave negative impacts on the planet in their treatment. Working with us, a sustainable company, is also working towards your company’s own journey towards becoming more sustainable.

We Are Your Reliable Partner

Metro Linen Services is all about partnership. Anyone can be your linen service partner. We want to be your partner for growing your business and reaching your goals, one wash cycle at a time.

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