If your restaurant tables are bare, we have news for you: they don’t work in restaurants. If you’re looking to transform your restaurants into something high-end, bare tables are not the way to go.

For one, they make your casual restaurant a little too casual. But downgrading your restaurant’s look is not the only reason why bare tables don’t work in restaurants.

There Are Several Reasons Why Bare Tables Don’t Work In Restaurants

Here are other reasons why your restaurant deserves better than unclothed tables:

Bad For Your Furniture

What could be more off-putting than dirty tables? Damaged tables. Wood tables are especially vulnerable, with damages ranging from water stains to scratches to faded polish. Non-wooden tables are not any less at risk. Food stains and fading can cause irreversible damage to your restaurant tables.

Significantly Louder

The rise of the barely-there, industrial aesthetics created one invisible – but very audible – problem in the restaurant industry: noise pollution. Bare, hard tables, for one, mean that silverware and glassware land directly to the tables, with all their noise-making potentials. Uncovered tables also mean that noise bounces around in your restaurant’s interiors instead of being absorbed by high-quality fabrics. 

Harder To Clean

Bare tables are messy. Spills, for example, spread on the table which leaves a bigger mess. They also require a longer time to clean, with all the wiping and scrubbing. And that’s likely to happen after every meal.  

Out With Bare Tables, In With Tablecloths

There’s a reason why classics are classics: because they work. And that’s the truth about tablecloths on restaurant tables as well. The classic tablecloth is not only suitable for special occasions. They belong on your tables for your daily service.

Metro Linen’s restaurant tablecloth rental service is the service you need! Here’s why:

  • They are inexpensive. Without the upfront investment that purchasing requires, rentals allow you a flexible and cost-efficient solution to your supply needs. Even higher-quality linens are affordable when you only have to pay for the volume that you’re using every month.
  • They don’t need maintenance. At least not from your end. Rental services cover the cost and burden of laundering, storing, and maintaining your tablecloths. This also means that you don’t have to worry about the cost of keeping them clean.
  • Rental services make keeping up with your linen demands extra easy. On some days, your restaurant is going to need more tablecloths than usual. Tablecloth rental services make it way easier to keep up with these more demanding days.

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